The Golden Girls Is Probably One Of The Funniest Television Shows To Ever Air

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Entertainment On 26th May 2018

The Golden Girls aired on TV from 1985 to 1992. The cast was made up of four women who all live together in a spacious home. The personalities of these women were all so very different, but they managed to make it work. Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia made us laugh for many years and still do through re-runs. Who was your favorite character?


My Body

Blanche was incredibly vain. She was known to constantly pamper herself and always was sure to look like a million bucks. She had no issues with letting everyone around her know how she feels about herself. However, Sophia had no issues with knocking her down a peg or two from time to time.



We all got to see the very promiscuous side of Blanche as well. Sophia was not the only one who got little digs in towards Blanche. Dorothy was quick-tongued as well. She had no issues with letting Blanche know that she did not approve of her sexual habits.



While Dorothy is known for her witty comebacks, Sophia was just savage with hers. She was constantly jabbing insults at her own daughter over her lack of love life. It was all out of love, though.

Go, Rose!

Poor Rose. She grew up in a small town that we can only assume was filled with super nice people. She could not throw a proper insult if her life depended on it. She tried, though.


Hypothetical Question

Sophia really never lets up on Dorothy about her lack of social life. She makes jokes, but she seriously just wants her daughter to have someone to keep her happy and keep her company.

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