The Hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob Is The Best Thing That Has Been On The Internet In A Long Time

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 12th June 2018

There are all kinds of fun hashtags to follow on the internet. The people who participate are quite clever and bring us lots of laughs. One of the most recent hashtags to pop up is #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob which depicts ridiculous ideas of what the jobs are like. Most of them are so wrong or bizarre that you cannot help but get a good laugh.


Graphic Designer

You are more likely to see a graphic designer surrounded by sketches and graphite pencils. This looks like a mashup with a scrapbooker instead.



This should be a poster for how to be unsafe in the workplace, like a what not to do type thing. This whole image just screams disaster in the making.



Here is another photo that looks more like a poster for what not to do in the workplace. There are so many dangers here, making this photo truly cringe-worthy.


Why is this even a stock photo for a lawyer? There is not a single part of this picture remotely related to being a lawyer except that you have to be human. There is at least a human in the photo.

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