The Inspirational Story Of The "Little Mermaid" Girl

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 6th October 2015

#1 Meet Peru's "Little Mermaid"

Milagros Cerron was born wit a birth defect.

Her legs were joined together like a mermaid's tail.

She was born in 2004 in Peru.

#2 Sirenomelia Syndrome

Born with a rare condition, known as sirenomelia, or "mermaid syndrome", which left her legs bound together, from her heels, all the way to her groin, her name means "Miracle" in Spanish.

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#3 Surgery Can Correct This Birth Defect

The Little Mermaid, as she is known, in her native Peru, has just turned six years old, and she has made great progress. Dr. Luis Rubio, head of the surgical team that managed to separate Milagros' legs, and rebuild her knees, hips and ankles, said she was doing very well, physically, but that she still has a long way to go.

#4 The Princess Mermaid

Most sirenomelia sufferers have severe organ damage and a very limited life expectancy. Milagros is no exception, doctors discover she has only one kidney which is likely to fail at any moment. The hospital in Huancayo does not have the dialysis equipment needed to save little Milagros and she may not survive long enough to be referred to the children's hospital in Lima.

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#5 Parents Waited Weeks To Find Out Her Sex

Babies born with this condition also lack any external genitalia, so her gender was not identified until three weeks later when chromosomal testing could be done.

#6 At Six Years Old She Undergoes Over 5 Major Surgeries

After six hours of surgery, Drs. Pinto and Rubio successfully separate the legs which is nothing short of a miracle. However, the process is not over yet.

#7 She Can Finally Walk

Born in a poor family, from a poor village in the Andes, Milagros Cerron is fortunate enough to have her health bills supported by the Peruvian municipal government. The surgeries will continue for many years before she is fully functional.

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#8 The Princess Is Walking

Milagros, or Milly, as she is known by family, makes a grand entrance fro the media with the assistance of her aids.

#9 Brave Little Girl

After thirteen surgeries in the last five years she has normal legs and is learning to walk.

Brave little girl.

#10 Milly Poses For A Beautiful Baby Photo

#11 Other Complications

In 2012, Milagros Cerron, the little girl in Peru known as the "mermaid baby", is in urgent need of a kidney transplant. Her transplant and operation are a complete success.

#12 About The Disease

Sirenomelia is a rare congenital defect that occurs in one out of 70,000 births, and causes death in the vast majority of cases. There is just one other case, 17 year old American, Tiffany York, who has undergone successful separation surgery, before.

#13 Milagros Cerron Today

After years or surgery and therapy, Missy the "Mermaid Girl" is finally walking like a normal child and doing very well. She may require 3 or 4 more surgeries in later years. Cosmetic surgery to correct her bowing feet and sexual organs, but those need to wait until she is at least 18 years of age.