The Most Bizarre People You Will Ever See

Posted by Michael Avery in Bizarre On 12th March 2018

When you look at yourself in the mirror you probably think you're normal for the most part. Compared to the people you are about to see that's the absolute truth. These people take bizarre to a whole new level. Are you ready to see them? Here they are.

#1 The piercing addict.

This dude is entirely too into getting piercings. I mean just look at all that mess hanging from his face. He even got subdermal implants to make it look like he has horns. To each his own but damn that's just extreme.


#2 Papa Smurf wannabe.

This dude wasn't always blue but thanks to overusing colloidal silver his skin color warped into what you see now. I bet Smurfette would love to get her hands on him.

#3 That's a lot of skin.

This woman is HUGE! One of her thighs is the size of her boyfriend. From what I've read she went on to lose a ton of weight after having a weight loss surgery but man, at her biggest I hope no one ever asked her to sit on their face.


#4 I'm a ninja.

This is just creepy. This guy is showing off his talent for shoving swords through his face. Anybody could do that if they had giant holes in their cheeks. Doesn't mean they should.

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