The Most Disturbing Adult Toys That Have Ever Been Created

By Johny in Bizarre On 26th September 2015

#1 If you are into feet then the p*ssy foot is perfect for you!

#2 Bad Dragon makes a ton of adult toys to stimulate boning a mythical creature.

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#4 The artificial hymen is meant to “simulate the experience of losing it for the first time all over again.”

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#5 ….No comment…

#6 This is disturbing because it looks more like a children’s toy than it does an adult toy.

#7 The Mr. Jack With Mustache is quite possibly the scariest thing we’ve ever seen.

#8 The Sqweel is a handheld device to replicates the experience of oral pleasures.

#9 The Obamarator is a vibrator in the shape of an Obama figurine.

#10 The latex vacbed encases a person in latex. We’d be afraid to step in one of these…

#11 The p*ssy snorkel helps you breath when going down under!

#12 “The Plow” looks more like a weapon than it does an adult toy…

#13 Blood isn’t the only thing Dracula is sucking with this vampire fleshlight.

#14 The pig tail butt plug makes you look like a fabulous My Little Ponny character more than it makes you look like a pig.

#15 Eiffel Tower Dildo: For a memorable night out in Paris, take your pleasure to all new heights with this chic and original dildo.

#16 With three levels of pulse intensity, The Princessa is enough to make anyone looking for the royal treatment blush.

#17 Soft and skin like with internal stimulators, this toy for him promises to deliver that “real deal” feeling.

#18 Hello Touch is the smallest fingertip vibrator available that allows both internal and clitoral stimulation. This toy is definitely hands on.

#19 A totally new approach to the strap-on experience, the Thigh Harness allows for many added pleasures such as face-to-face intimacy and is hands-free for multitaskers.

#20 A penis pump designed to deliver those longer lasting, bigger and thicker erections you’ve always dreamed of.