The Mystery Of This Stolen Porsche Will Shock You

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in News On 25th January 2018

A classic Porsche has been found overturned at the base of a cliff nearly three decades after it was reported missing.

On January 20, 1991, the police department of Jackson County, Oregon, received a call about a crime that initially didn’t seem all that uncommon:

Someone wanted to report that their car had been stolen outside Southside Cinema in Medford, about 27 miles from the California border.


The expensive car was discovered in woodlands near Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.

Police say the classic car had not been seen for more than two decades when a dog walker stumbled across the overturned wreckage in remote woodland on 28 November.

The man walking in the wooded area had immediately called dispatch on to report the flipped vehicle.

The location of the crashed car was approximately 40 miles from Medford.


Soon enough, the police rushed to the location to examine the potential crime scene.

Upon further investigation, police confirmed that it was the same Porsche that was stolen 27 years prior.

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