The New iPhone Feature That Will Send Your Bill Skyrocketing

By maks in Science and Technology On 28th September 2015

Technology is often a blessing but at certain times technology can lead to unforeseen and unwanted consequences.

Apple recently released iOS 9, implementing a new feature which is costing people with limited data plans hundreds of dollars.

So if you have a crappy network plan and do not wish to have a herculean bill read this carefully. WiFi assist automatically turns to data if your WiFi connectivity is slow. This can cause you a hefty bill. it definitely is a cool way to stay connected when WiFi strength is poor, but you gotta worry about that damn bill too.

Here's how to turn if off:

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#2 Choose "Cellular."

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#3 Scroll all the way to the bottom, to find "Wi-Fi Assist." Finally, touch the button to turn it off.

And that's it - we just saved you hundreds of dollars - you're welcome.