The People Of Walmart Never Cease To Amaze Us

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Bizarre On 27th March 2018

Walmart is a plethora of strange people and happenings. No matter what time of day you decided to visit the store, you are guaranteed to see some sight that makes you regret leaving the comfort and safety of your own home. Whether it be sloppy people walking around in next to nothing or people in costumes, you can never expect a trip to this store to be boring. Here are some of the sights you might come across.


Who wears short shorts?

Or, short skirts we should say. Grandpa, here, looks a bit confused. Good thing is that he appears to at least have the legs to pull off such a short skirt.


Walmart Fail

It is not always the people that are frightening at Walmart. Sometimes, the things they sell can also be quite alarming. Who even came up with this? It has to be a joke, right?


Where's baby?

It is not always easy to bring your kids with you when you go grocery shopping, but that is what the front seat on the buggy is for. It is hard to believe that this kid's parents just put her in the main section then proceeded to bury her...poor kid.

Breath easy

It looks like this chick already knew that her buttcrack would be showing. She even wore a shirt that has an opening, so her ass can breathe comfortably while she is out shopping.

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