The Position Most Likely To Make Women Orgasm, According To A New Study

By Aleena in Relationships On 13th October 2023

There was this cool research that wanted to figure out the best way for straight women to have an awesome orgasm. They were on a mission to uncover the secrets of female pleasure.

Like, this study says that the missionary position is still a big deal, but with a little twist. It's pretty surprising, considering the limitations they mentioned.

A 2020 survey of 20,000 Czech heterosexuals highlighted preferences for face-to-face positions. (Image: Getty Images)

Experts say that if you put a pillow under your butt, it can make things more enjoyable and surprisingly comfy.

These two researchers from a gynecology clinic in New York called New H Medical. They got all curious about female pleasure and decided to dig into it. And guess what? They wrote about it in the journal Sexologies.

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Their goal: to figure out the best way to make a girl orgasm, using a cool method - checking how blood flows in the clitoris before and after sex in five different positions.

The positions which were checked included, the woman on top, sitting face-to-face, the man in charge (with or without a pillow), and the fun doggy style.


The super interesting results showed that blood flow to the clitoris increased after getting busy in most positions, except for kneeling/rear entry.

It totally surprised a lot of people! But the real star of the show was the classic missionary position, with the guy on top and a pillow under the woman's pelvis. This blew everyone's mind and caused a huge sensation worldwide.

Favorite choice: face-to-face positions with women in control. (Image: Getty Images)
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“The kneeling/rear entry position produces the least amount of direct clitoral contact, and resulted in a negligible increase in blood flow compared to the face-to-face positions,” the study authors write.

Before we jump to any solid conclusions, we gotta think about a few important things when we look at these findings.

First of all, the study only had one straight couple, so we can't say for sure if the results apply to everyone.

So basically, the couple in the study was a super healthy doctor couple, both 32 years old. And get this, they were totally tight with the researchers.

Just so you know, doing intimate stuff while being watched by two researchers might not be exactly like the private and personal encounters most people have in the bedroom. But hey, everyone's got their own preferences!


Just so you know, the study was all about checking how blood flows to the clitoris to see if someone is sexually aroused.

It wasn't really about figuring out if they actually had an orgasm. That's an important difference to keep in mind.

Choosing the right position is a dance of connection and desire. (Image: Getty Images)

It's pretty cool to see that other studies have found the same things, despite these limitations. So, in 2020, this paper asked around 20,000 straight people in the Czech Republic about their favorite ways to get down and dirty.


They wanted to know which 13 sexual positions they were into. This study also showed that people prefer getting it on in person for maximum satisfaction.


So, like, the best choice according to this study was when women are in charge in a face-to-face position. It shows that people have all kinds of different preferences when it comes to getting close.