The Reason Why Pregnant Women Hate It When Someone Touches Their Belly

Posted by Sama in Life Style On 12th June 2020

Has anyone touched your belly during your pregnancy days? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? Well, next time anyone tries to put their hand on your baby bump you can simply share this article with them.


#1 Violating their personal space.

Touching the belly of pregnant women by a father is something else but if every other person puts their hand on a pregnant woman's belly and that too without their permission, it can be quite irritating. Many women feel not only angry but they also feel violated when any random person goes around putting hands on their belly. Some reasons why pregnant women hate it when someone touches their belly are mentioned as follows.

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To many people, a pregnant woman's body might seem like a body part different from their whole body but it is very much the opposite. Even if in the best intentions you put your hand on a pregnant woman's body, you need to consider that you might be violating her personal space by doing so and this can make her very uncomfortable.

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#3 Making them self conscious

It is normal that pregnant women usually get more attention. While some women enjoy this attention, there are many who get really self-conscious about their bodies with all the extra attention. They get conscious about their weight, their body, and their baby bump. And unnecessary touching of the belly can make self-consciousness really bad for these women. So next time you see a pregnant woman, an advice for you all, please keep your hands in control.

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#4 Negative impact on their physical health.

Touching a baby bump and the mother can put the mother and her child to danger because people putting their bare hands on the baby bump can increase the risk of germs exposure.

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In case the person is having flu or cold then the pregnant woman can experience more aggravated symptoms than a normal person. Also now in the time of Coronavirus, this tradition of putting hands on pregnant women's belly should stop completely.

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#6 Negative impact on mental health.

Pregnant woman usually goes through many hormonal changes. These changes can easily trigger her anxiety. So any uncomfortable situation can easily distress her.

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#7 There are slim chances that you will feel the baby kick.

Most people touch a pregnant woman's belly to feel the baby kick. But they are usually in for a big disappointment. As babies don't kick that often, so there's very little chance you'll touch the woman's belly at the right moment.

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