The Temperature Has Dropped To -67°C In Russia Causing People's Eyelashes To Freeze!

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Nature and Travel On 17th January 2018

Russia is facing extreme cold and the temperatures have dropped to -67°C. Even the local digital thermometer broke down. Russians girls are posting pictures with their eyelashes frozen and the internet is going crazy over it.


People's eyelashes are freezing in Russia.

It's so cold in the village of Oymyakon in Russia that it is literally freezing people's eyelashes.


The temperature has dropped to as low as -62°C.

The temperature has been recorded to be as low as -62°C. So the next time you think that it's really cold in your area, think about the Russians.


The locals say that the readings has dropped to -67°C.

This village is the coldest place in the world right now. The official weather station reported -59°C but the residents of that village said that their readings were as low as -67°C.

The last time such low temperature was recorded in 1933.

The last time that much low temperature was recorded in 1933 when the temperature dropped to -68°C.

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