The Top 10 Countries To Visit In The Entire World!

By Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 28th August 2015

1. France (annual visitors: ~78 000 000)

Year after year this country has been destination number one. All of us associate France with the Eiffel Tower, fashion, cuisine, art, interesting history and architecture. If you like gourmet food and fine wines or want to improve your sense of taste, you must visit France. Here lifestyles are very different and vary from region to region. Sun lovers prefer French Riviera, fashionistas enjoy Paris.

2. USA (annual visitors: ~60 000 000)

North America is usually called the New World. All Western traditions are interconnected here. Drive across the country to see the vast deserts in California and great beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, New York skyscrapers and the cosmopolitan spirit of Malibu. The USA is famous for their amusement parks, for example, there is the legendary Florida theme park. If you like nature, you can visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park or the amazing Grand Canyon. History fans must see Boston and San Francisco, of course

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3. China (annual visitors: ~56 000 000)

Perhaps your last year's vacation did not differ much from the previous one. So why don't you make it absolutely unusual and unique his year? China is one of the most interesting countries. Although its government and politics there are a lot of great things to see from the ancient Forbidden City in Beijing and the Great Wall of China to modern skyscrapers in Shanghai.

4. Spain (annual visitors: ~ 53 000 000)

Spain's beaches, the Balearic and Canary Islands, Mediterranean cuisine, Moorish architecture in Granada and Seville are known throughout the world. The Spanish people are proud of their sport teams Barcelona and Real Madrid. Join the football fans, go to a match and enjoy your time in this marvelous country.

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5. Italy (annual visitors: ~44 000 000)

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. It is also known for its great architecture, high art and monuments, which are to be found everywhere around the country. This is the land of where Italian artists such as Botticelli, Da Vinci, Michelangelo were born. Beautiful places like Rome, Venice, Sicily, Florence and Vatican City attract million people from every corner of our planet.

6. Great Britain (annual visitors: ~ 28 000 000)

The United Kingdom is a great place for everyone - singles, couples and families. You can reach it by ship, take a train trip or simply go by car. There is a great variety of landscapes on this relatively small island. The cities and towns of Great Britain have a lot to offer visitors. Everybody knows that London is an interesting cultural place. Big Ben and the Tower of London are some of the "must see" destinations. Beside the World's Greatest Gardens are also here in the UK. Each of us can find something special in Great Britain because this country has a distinct individuality and a soul of its own.

7. Turkey (annual visitors: 27 000 000)

It is a country of contrasts: Turkey is European in its mind and Asian in its heart. Istanbul spreads across two continents. Turkish food is full of color and flavor. Also, Turkey is paradise for coffee lovers. Despite the fact that Turkish practice Islam there is the world's largest Christian church called the Grotto of St. Peter in Antakya (Antioch).

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8. Germany (annual visitors: ~27 000 000)

Despite its difficult history now crowds of happy tourists from all over the world visit Germany. The main rivers Rhine and Mine allow us to see the entire country from a unique perspective and look at the most important urban centers like Frankfurt, Mainz and Dusseldorf. There are both modern glass domes and ancient castles. People will be able to participate in numerous sporting events, festivals and Octoberfest that is arranged every autumn. The capital is especially good Berlin is famous for its carnivals, fairs, museums and film festivals.

9. Malaysia (annual visitors: ~25 000 000)

If you visit Malaysia, you will understand not only Malay culture, but Chinese and Indian cultures as well. Malaysia is a mixture of all the three countries. Kuala Lumpur introduces you to the traditional life of the land and its people. You can visit Malaysian islands to relax on their most luxurious beaches. More than that, there are great places for those who are interested in diving. The underwater world will stun you with its incredible beauty. Also, Malaysia takes great pride in the Gunung Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally, Malaysian cuisine is absolutely irresistible. The variety of vegetables and fruits makes the menu both delicious and healthy.

10. Mexico (annual visitors: ~22 000 000)

The weather is almost perfect all year round in this tropical country. Mexico is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a sunny beach. If you love dancing, you can find a local nightclub and dance rumba or other Latina dances. Mexicans are very kind and cheerful people and they like tourists. A lot of attractions are cheap, some are even free. This is where can get to know an indigenous culture not found anywhere else. Also, the country is gaining popularity due to its rapidly developing medical tourism industry.