The top 10 crazy collectors or crazy collections?

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 13th October 2013

#10: Robyn Amato (3,000 raggedy Ann dolls)

Robyn never owned a ragged Ann doll as a child. Her obsession started at the age of 40. She bought raggedy Ann dolls, cookie jars and other pieces of the Ann doll collection. She spent over 20,000$ on her collection and no room in her home is left unfilled.

#9: Barry Chappell (World's largest collection of chewed gum)

Barry rolls up 95,200 pieces of chewed gum over the years. It all began when he was on an international flight where he couldn't smoke so instead he chewed on gum which he then used to roll out in his hands. After a while of chewing on gum during the flight the ball of discarded gum then grew bigger and bigger ultimately giving him the idea .

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#8: Vic Clinco (World's largest hot sauce collection)

Talk about liking things spicy, Vic Clinco owns the worlds largest hot sauce collection which is a total of 6,000 bottles from around the world. Among his collection he owns the spiciest and hottest sauce on the planet which is "Blair's 16 million reserve" . He has been collecting for about 17 years and his most expensive item is a 400$ bottle.


#7: Paul Brockman (Collection of 55,000 dresses hand picked for his wife)

It was certain that Paul's love for his wife could be measured by the amount of dresses he bought for her which were about 55,000. He had been buying and collecting for about 56 years. He single handedly chose and bought them for his wife Margot since she didn't like shopping. He would go after work and sometimes even during work hours and at times came home with over 30 dresses a day.

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#6: Chris Reid (World's largest (and awesomest ) super soaker collector)

Did i mention how awesome this is? He has a collection of 340 super soakers. His first piece which was the green and yellow50 was autographed by super soaker inventor Lonnie Johnson.

#5: Bob Gibbins and Lizzie (240 love dolls)

Bob and his wife lizzie are collectors of a large number of love (sex) dolls. He had always been fascinated by dolls as a child and since then his obsession had started. They spent over $160,000 on these dolls. They love playing dress up and take them along on a few shopping trips. Though they're love dolls , Bob states that they never used any of the "girls" for sexual purposes as they considered them as family though he had found them rather attractive.


#4: Paul Luke (World's largest milk bottle collection)

He is a former milkman who ha collected his first milk bottle at the age of 9 and who also earned as a milkman. He opened up a museum of his collections in his garage as his home was too small. Over the years of dedicated collecting he now has a total of 10,000 milk bottles.

#3: Graham Barker (The world's only belly button lint collector)

Graham one night had picked out the lint from his own belly button and was very curious to know how much naval fluff a person can produce in a year. So he started collecting whatever he could find in his naval and stored them in glass jars. He now has # huge glass jars full of his own lint.

#2: Eric Ducharme (Latex mermaid tails)

Eric as a child had been fascinated by mermaids. At 16 he put on his first show by swimming as a mermaid prince in Weeki Wachee spring's Little Mermaid show in 2006.


#1: Jian Yang (60,000 barbie dolls)

Living in a barbie world? Jian as a boy always had this obsession for toys and figuerines. Over 20 years of obsessive collecting he now has about 60,000 barbie dolls. He spent an estimated amount of £251,699 on his collection.