The Ultimate G-Shock Watch Guide 2021

Posted by Annie N. in Fashion On 1st September 2021

When it comes to luxury watches, the classics are geared towards sophistication, shiny baubles and twinkling gems. For the everyday man, however, who needs a tougher watch that stays with him over the years is G-Shock. Known for its durability, toughness and customization, this Casio Classic is the real OG in the watch industry.

Here are the 10 best G-Shock watches you NEED to add to your collection in 2021


Origin GMW-B5000G-1

The Origin GMW harkens back to the roots of the brand and has the classic tough feel of its predecessors. Shown here in matter black with a resin band, this G-Shock is available in a variety of different finishes. That’s why the Origin GMW-B5000G-1 is first on our list.


MR-G Shougeki-Maru MRG-B2000SH-5A

Japanese craftsmanship at its best. The Shougeki Maru is a limited edition G-Shock that uses traditional metalworking techniques such as chasing to give it that unique finish. Inspired by traditional KABUTO helmets, this G-Shock borrows the aesthetic of samurais.

Each bezel boasts a hand-carved dragon, presented in a case and band cast in a blue aged metal die.


Black Out Basic DW-5900BB-1

This 1992 original got a  reboot to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Also known as the ‘3-eyed’ G-Shock, it was most famously worn by John Goodman in The Big Lebowski.

This classic design is a must-have for your wrist, especially considering that it comes in a variety of colours. From psychedelic pink to turquoise to classic black, wear whatever colours suits your fancy this year.



With a classic 3 dial face, this 35mm diameter clock face takes up space and commands power. Feel the strength of this classic on your wrist with a classic all-black look. If you’re a more colourful personality, however, there are many other options to choose from.



The MTG is like a sports car on your wrist. With a purple bezel reminiscent of speedsters, this G-Shock is the look of 2021. With a beautiful mirror finish, it's 15% lighter than its predecessor while keeping the carbon monocoque case and Core Guard.


Gravity Master GWR-B1000-1A

Winner of the 2020 iF World Design Award, here’s why the Gravity Master still holds up in 2021. A gorgeous aesthetic that is also indestructible, this G-Shock stands every test of the elements. From severe environments to daily use, the Gravity master just doesn’t quit.

Created with carbon and titanium materials used normally for aircraft, this G-Shock is certainly out of this world.


Frogman GWF-A1000-1A

Going back to an analogue display, the frogman keeps hold of its original asymmetrical design. with a black band, the frogmaster, much like the amphibian is resistant to water, thanks in part to its fluoroelastomer material.

With three dual-coil motors, it's best used by divers who really put it to the test.

G-Steel GST-B300-1A

With a front LED light button that it pioneered, the G-Steel is the G-Shock personified. Taking elements from other G-Shock watches, the G-Steel is an armoured timepiece that has a more traditional look.

With a reinforced Carbon Core guard, its signature tech features such as a Bluetooth link and tough solar power make it a must-have in 2021.


G-Squad GBD-100-2

The G Squad is the newest member of the G Shock sports watch family. With the latest Bluetooth capabilities, the G Squad never loses its connection to your smartphone. From GPS to distance calibration, this more affordable G-Shock makes the top 10 list for us.

Bruce Lee x G-Shock MR-G MRG-G2000BL-9A

With a name that tells it all. The Bruce Lee G-Shock is a stunning watch that is just as iconic as the legend it's named for. Using the colours of Lee’s iconic tracksuit from the movie ‘Game of Death’, the watch is shock-resistant, solar-powered, radio-controlled and has Bluetooth and GPS capabilities.

Initially launched on Bruce Lee’s 80th birthday to celebrate the late star, this watch is one of those that definitely need to be on our top 10 list.