The Weirdest Bedroom Accidents Ever Recorded From All Over The World

By Johny in Bizarre On 23rd September 2015

#1 The Penthouse Balcony Accident

Last year, a young couple wanted some private romantic space for themselves and they have found their privacy in the family penthouse balcony. It was a rainy day, and when things got warmer... they slipped, lost balance and fell from 78 feet height . They have been found dead ...

#2 Hello Kitty Atack

The Cat is well known for its owner envious, and sometimes they might attack the owner mate in such envious attack. Watch out cat owners mates!

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#4 The Exploding Light Bulb

A few months ago in Japan, some orgy group wanted to spice their affairs, and they put light bulb into each other A$$. Eventually, they finished the night in the hospital. Don't try this at home!

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#5 Heart Attack

Seniors, this one is for you - According to recent research, there is an heart attack accidents increase while having sex. The reason for the increase are bad diet and continuances tens. Watch your heart!

#6 The Broken P...

Ray Elbe, the famous MMA warrior, told during an interview that he broke his men organ while he make love with his girlfriend. Ouch!

#7 The Horse Power

You are not going to believe this one - some famous American professor found her death while having an oral activity with her farm horse. Oh my.

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#8 The Electronic Nipple Squizzer

The BDSM industry is flourishing these days, and this squizzer is one of it's favorite products.

#9 Condom Choking

Ladies (and gentleman), this one is for you - Having oral activity is always a great fun, but throughout the years many choking accidents happened.