The Wildest Backstage Stories From Wrestlers You Will Ever Hear.

Posted by Michael Avery in Sports On 24th September 2017

Wrestling has always been associated with sexual connotations. Admittedly, there’s something homoerotic about watching (or performing as one of the) two oiled-up muscle-bound men rolling around in the ring for 20+ minutes. Not that we’re trying to take anything away from the athleticism or the art involved in the product, but it’s a criticism that pops up every now and again from those who aren’t as willing to accept that pro wrestling is a legitimate sport. People are more likely to equate it to a bedroom rendezvous than an actual sport. In all fairness, the stories of wrestlers “wrestling” in bed are much more extravagant than those that occur in the ring.

Professional-wrestling programming is filled with grandiose storylines, over-the-top angles, and strange characters. Believe it or not, there are stories out there involving those same wrestlers, which sound much wilder and even more over-the-top than most of the things we’ve ever seen in a wrestling ring in recent memory. Coming from a world of glitz, glam, and guts spilling everywhere, it only makes sense for wrestlers to have bedroom stories that wind up to be just as entertaining and unbelievable (in some cases, more so) as the angles that happen on WWE television or in wrestling in general. Here are a few examples of wacky bedroom stories from wacky wrestlers.


Terry Garvin And Jerry Lawler

Pat Patterson is often cited as the first successful gay professional wrestler, becoming the first-ever WWE Intercontinental Champion being his greatest accomplishment. Although he only came out to the world a few years ago, just about everyone who worked in the industry knew that he was gay. The same can be said about another wrestling legend named “Terry Garvin.” It was also no secret that Garvin had a huge crush on Jerry Lawler. Jim Cornette told the story on his podcast how back in the ’80s that when Lawler found out that Garvin had a crush on him, he was going to prank Garvin by making him think that The King would let him give him a blow job. So, in a hotel room, with Jerry Jarrett present, Lawler pulled his tights around his own ankles, and just as Garvin was ready to do the deed, he pushed Garvin away and ran out the door. Garvin chased after him down the hotel lobby and into the streets, all while Lawler had his tights around his ankles.


Women Paid for a Night with Junkyard Dog

We all know how celebrities who were stupid enough to pay untrustworthy mates for sex saw their careers plummet quickly afterward. Just ask Tiger Woods. It’s never a good idea for celebrities in any industry (wrestling, movie, music, etc.) to pay for sex with anybody because it can ruin their career terribly if word gets out about it. The late WWE Hall of Famer Junkyard Dog knew this, so he decided to flip this into his favor. Considering he was one of the most popular and well-known wrestlers in his heyday, Junkyard Dog would have women pay him for sex instead. If he ran into a woman interested in spending the night with him, he would charge up to $100. If the woman didn’t have the money, he would allow them to find other ways to pay him, such as give him drugs or booze. Considering that JD was never caught in a bad scandal, had good nights, and got $100 out of each of them, it sounds like his scheme worked out for him, surprisingly.


Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon has introduced a plethora of strange sex-related storylines to his WWE TV product. Much of them have to do with the fact that McMahon himself had an upbringing filled with rather strange sexual moments. He talked about the bulk of these moments in a 2001 interview with Playboy magazine. When asked about when he lost his virginity, McMahon recalled going to a matinee show when he was in first grade. He went with his stepbrother and his girlfriends, and they were “playing with [him]” — as in playing with his penis and giggling. McMahon thought the experience was “pretty cool.” Later on in his life, McMahon had a sexual encounter with a girl his age who “in essence, [was his] cousin” and wound up marrying his stepfather. The two really wanted to explore each other’s bodies, and they did just that, although, for some reason, McMahon was obsessed with crushing and shoving leaves into her yoohoo. Vince McMahon’s lived a really interesting life.


Terri Runnels And New Jack

One of the bizarre romantic pairings to occur behind the wrestling curtain was that between Terri Runnels and New Jack. Terri Runnels is best remembered as the on-screen manager of Goldust named “Marlena” and the real-life ex-wife of the man behind the gold paint, Dustin Rhodes. New Jack is best remembered as being, well, crazy. He was crazy before ECW and even crazier long after the promotion closed up shop. The two eccentric wrestling personalities were together for a year and a half. After the relationship was over, New Jack has been extremely open about sharing bedroom secrets between them in interviews. In one interview, in particular, New Jack shared the fact that Runnels liked to eat his booty like groceries.


John Cena, the Chubby Chaser

John Cena is, admittedly, a good-looking guy. Even the most macho masculine of guys have to admit it. He has a physique that makes him look as if he was chiseled out of stone and also has the classic mandible jaw made for superheroes and a pointy chin that can win a knife fight against Inigo Montoya, regardless if Cena killed his father or was prepared to die. The point is that Cena is a naturally handsome guy who can pull any girl if he wanted to, so that makes it all the more surprising to think that the man could be a chubby chaser. Nothing wrong with chubby girls. It’s just that you’d expect a guy as stereotypically handsome as John Cena to be more superficial with whom he chooses to court in bed. As he explained in an interview with Howard Stern from back in 2006, Cena picked up a 280-pound woman from a bar, and Cena recalled it as perhaps the greatest sexual experience he ever had.


Paige’s Big Leak

This story has been so talked about to death by now, it might arguably be the biggest and most talked about story to come out of WWE this year, but with a list like this, we’d be doing a disservice if we treated Paige like the elephant in the room. Or better yet, we’d be like WWE, which still has yet to allow Paige to make her big return to WWE programming. And we can’t help but think that the leak of her secret videos is one of the factors keeping her off of WWE TV longer than she has to be. Such videos included Paige having sex with her then-boyfriend Brad Maddox, the two in a threesome with Xavier Woods.


Daniel Bryan’s “Lil Fella”

In his post-retirement life from in-ring competition, WrestleMania headliner Daniel Bryan has somewhat settled down with his pro wrestler wife (now retired) Brie Bella. Most recently, the two had their first child together. The road to consummation was not an easy one for these two lovebirds, at least compared to when they first started dating. As Bryan detailed in his book Yes! My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania, Bryan took Brie out to dinner while they were on the road and afterward went to his hotel room to have sex for the first time. While they were naked and just about to do the deed, fellow pro wrestlers Sheamus and Teddy Hart barged into the room drunk and ruined the moment — especially for Sheamus, who, at the sight of Bryan nearly engaged in intercourse, couldn’t help but affectionately awe “Ahhh, fella!” Brie and Bryan just wound up going to sleep that night.

Michael Elgin Pees

Michael Elgin is best recognized by diehard wrestling fans today as a former ROH World Heavyweight Champion and the resident big hoss of NJPW, but what few know is that he once peed on a girl for the sake of a bet. As he once told Kevin Owens (then Steen) on his talk show, Elgin had a bet that if a girl allowed him to pee on her, he’d get $100. So, one night, while a girl was fellating him in his hotel room, he convinced her to let him pee on her while in the heat of the moment, although she must’ve thought that Elgin was kidding because she flipped out as soon he did it. Getting the whole thing on videotape, he left to show his buddies so that he could get paid. Meanwhile, Elgin could hear the girl in the other room hollering to her friend, “Cindy, Elgin f*cking pissed on me!”


Shawn Michaels

Michael Elgin wasn’t the only guy in the wrestling business to pee on a girl; nor was he ever the first wrestler to do so. Rumor has it that WWE legend and Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels was no stranger to handing out golden showers himself. Some people may think this isn’t exactly the righteous behavior befitting a good upstanding Christian citizen, as is the image that Michaels presents of himself to the world. However, at the height of his fame back in the ’90s, long before he was a born-again Christian, Michaels was quite the partier. Whether he was indulging in booze or abusing drugs, Shawn Michaels often partied hard and wild. One urban legend — which HBK has yet to confirm and likely never will — suggests that he took some groupies to his hotel room one night, told the women to get down on their knees and close their eyes for a surprise. As a prank to amuse himself, he peed on them. Needless to say, they weren’t happy.

Dean Ambrose and a Bear Costume

Nowadays, Dean Ambrose is a well-renowned WWE Superstar and former WWE Champion, but long before any of the fame came his way, he was Jon Moxley on the indie scene. As the hardcore barbed wire bat-swinging Jon Moxley, Ambrose was primarily working in the ECW-lite promotion, CZW. During this time, as the owner of CZW, DJ Hyde, explained in an RF Video interview, Ambrose was a “notorious alcoholic” and partier. One night, he arrived at a fellow indie star’s house and found a drunken Ambrose passed out in a bear costume with whiskers drawn on his face. He briefly woke up to cut an “ungodly” and “awesome” promo for a camcorder but passed out again. Hyde left with the camcorder on the table, and when he returned, he found the camcorder with footage of Ambrose having sex with an unnamed female wrestler. Coincidently, Ambrose appeared on WWE programming in a bear suit, perhaps as an inside joke from the writers.


Mick Foley and Ron Simmons Tag Team in Bed

Tag-team wrestling is a common occurrence in pro wrestling, but it isn’t as common to happen in the bedroom between wrestlers. We don’t mean just doing a girl with your buddy; we mean holding that buddy’s hand during intercourse. As Teddy Long revealed in an interview, he was on the road with Ron Simmons and Mick Foley one night back in the day, and they ended up bringing some women to their hotel room for some midnight rendezvous. Somewhere in the middle of this, while Simmons and Foley had their women on opposite beds, Foley decided to hold Simmons’s hand randomly during the act. We’re not sure if he thought he was in the middle of a tag-team match or what, but all Foley did to explain himself was to tell Simmons, “I need your support.”

Jake “the Snake” Roberts Pukes on a Girl

As much as he is praised, remembered, and well regarded as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, Jake “the Snake” Roberts had an even bigger reputation as an intense alcoholic back in the day. Thankfully, his boozed out days are long behind him, and Roberts remains clean to this day. However, back when he was one of the biggest stars of his era, it was a much different story. He has plenty of stories of him being too boozed out for his own good and just as many stories of him courting girls he would sleep with on the road. Sometimes, these stories would neatly intertwine with one another. In one story, in particular, Roberts once recalled that he had brought a girl to his hotel room one night so that he could personally introduce her to his *ahem* “snake.” While she was ——– said “snake,” a drunken Roberts couldn’t help but blow chunks all over her face. By “blow chunks,” we mean he threw up, by the way. Just thought we needed to clear that one up.


Raven and the 15-Year-Old Girl

During his days on top in ECW, at the height of the company’s popularity, Raven was practically a superstar, meaning that he could have just about any girl he wanted in his hotel room whenever he wanted. And wherever he wanted (as with most wrestlers) was on a regular weekly basis. One night on the road, he invited three girls to his hotel room. Most guys would think this is impressive or that Raven is some sort of stud until they find out the big blemish in this story: one of those girls was 15 years old. Raven promises, to this day, that he only slept with the two legal adults and that the 15-year-old girl just slept on a separate bed. Police were notified that a 15-year-old girl was in Raven’s room and barged in ASAP. However, since there was no proof that Raven had slept with the girl, all charges were dropped. Interestingly enough, that 15-year-old girl grew up to be pro wrestler Becky Bayless.

Perry Saturn and Moppy

In one of the biggest ironies in professional wrestling history, Perry Saturn was given a mop called “Moppy” as a sidekick to look stupid on-screen as punishment for an in-ring mishap, but his run with Moppy turned out to be Saturn’s most popular run with the company. Despite how popular the gimmick made him, Perry Saturn himself hated every second of it. However, despite his dislike for the gimmick, that doesn’t mean that he was against bringing the gimmick into the bedroom. He revealed in an interview with YouShoot that he whenever he had sex with a random girl, he would sometimes bring Moppy in, put a condom on the mop, and then, well, let’s say, “arouse” the woman’s lower regions with the stick part.


JTG Was Abused by a Ring Rat

In the professional wrestling industry, “ring rats” are insider slang for groupies — fans who love a wrestler so much that they’re willing to hook up with them after a show. Wrestlers rarely ever shy away from picking up ring rats while on the road and sometimes have the tendency to use ring rats as wild pranks against their fellow wrestlers. When he still worked for WWE, JTG — best remembered as one-half of the Cryme Tyme tag team and also as a wrestler who worked for WWE much longer than anyone expected him to — was a victim of one of these pranks. In his book Damn! Why Did I Write This Book?, JTG revealed that when he was on the road one night, some of his fellow wrestlers conspired to have a ring rat ambush JTG in his hotel room. She ended up sexually abusing him while he was intoxicated. Believe it or not, this is a common locker room ritual — or at least it used to be.