Then And Now: 8 Reasons Why The World Will Never Be The Same Again

Posted by Michael Avery in Life Style On 30th March 2018

#5 Cellphones have totally advanced.

Yes, cellphone technology has advanced leaps and bounds over the ones you used even just a decade ago. Still, advancement doesn't always mean better. Older cellphones were much more durable than newer phones. A trade-off for advancement is often durability as you can see even with things such as cars.


#6 Gaming has definitely changed.

Back in the day if you wanted to play a game with your friends you just loaded up the cartridge and you both grabbed a controller and started playing. Now many games only offer online multiplayer so if you wanna play with your friends you better both have a copy of the game and a console.


#7 What is this witchcraft you speak of?

If you were to ask a kid today what a floppy disk was they would look at you like you were crazy. They are just outdated technology. Whereas the floppy disks of old had a few megabytes of space the USB flash drives of today have several gigabytes of storage space crammed into a smaller device. The only place you see floppy disks now is the save button on browsers and certain applications or in old movies.

#8 Vacations then and now.

Even vacations were different back in the day. It seemed like people spent more time actually enjoying their time away from home whereas today people seem to spend more time trying to take the perfect picture than enjoying their break.

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