There's Something Really Strange About These People ...Can You Figure Out What It Is?

By Muk Khatri in Amazing On 29th September 2015

#1 This scene of grandpa and grandma sitting on the bench is, no doubt, a work of art

#2 This guy looks bored. But, when you see this in person, you'll never feel that way.

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#4 This couple acting as tourists looks so real! What can you say?

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#5 Check here how adorable these kids are while playing?! And that sleeping puppy!

#6 Duane's really a genius on how he thought of coming up with this kind of art!

#7 Glancing at them one by one is just hair-raising. Just take this shirtless man, for example.

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#8 Do you believe this art gallery is really a must-see?!

#9 Wondering if their food and drinks are also made of vinyl and fiberglass?

#10 This image displaying a blue collar job worker is so impactful.

#11 And another one! She can pass as the most industrious art piece in the gallery.

#12 This is a depressing sight. Still, props to Duane Hanson for a job well done!

#13 She needs help! Even in sculptures, women are depicted as shopaholics.

#14 A woman selling art inside the art gallery?! That's cool!

#15 Delightful to look at an unreal baby sleeping with her Mama pushing the stroller!