These 10 Yummy And Light Lunches Under 400 Calories Are All You Need For Lunch

By Sumaiya Ghani in Food On 9th January 2018

#1 Yummy Chocolate Banana Cashew Smoothie

Having such a busy afternoon at work that you don't even have time to eat lunch? Well this Chocolate Banana Cashew Smoothie is perfect for you then. You can continue your work with one hand and can drink it with another.


#2 Delicious Smoked Salmon Pita For A Perfect Lunch.

If you are a lover of fishes then this Smoked Salmon Pita is perfect for a nice lunch.

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#3 Sweet Potatoes Stuffed With Cheese And Black Beans.

What can you ask more than a sweet potato stuffed with black beans and yummy cheese. And if we top it with some salty egg then it would be just too perfect. I am getting hungry now!


#4 Cobb Salad

If you like vegetables in your lunch then this recipe is for you. Cobb Salad with boiled egg and spinach is all what you need in your lunch.

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#5 Light And Yummy Tuna Salad.

Want to eat something purely delicious but afraid that you will get fat? Well, this one is for you guys! This low calorie salad of Tuna, arugula and lemon is just perfect for a light yummy lunch.

#6 Zucchini Lasagna

Loves Lasagna but it gets too heavy and you have problem to digest it? Then why not replace its noodles with healthy vegetables and make it a light, healthy and equally yummy lunch. Yes we are talking about Zucchini Lasagna, this recipe just can't be ignored.


#7 Turkey Taco Wrapped In A Lettuce

Turkey Taco wrapped in a lettuce makes a healthy, light and yummy lunch that will also keep you full till the dinner time.

#8 Crispy Pizza With Cauliflower Crust!

When it comes to pizza I just can't stop myself. This Cauliflower Crust Crispy Pizza is the new sensation in the pizza market. Give it a go guys!


#9 Chicken Mayo Salad With Bread And Cabbage.

You can have tasty Chicken Mayo Salad with bread and cabbage at lunch. It will make your stomach full and satisfied. You can thank me later guys.


#10 Tasty Veggie And Hummus Sandwich.

If we combine both Veggie & Hummus in a Sandwich then it will become a mouth-watering lunch. What are you waiting for guys? Make it and enjoy this simple yet tasty recipe!