These 12 Unknown Facts About The World's Most Evil Person, Adulf Hitler.

By Johny in History On 23rd September 2015

#1 24/7 High

It's well known that Hitler took almost 90 different kinds of drugs on a daily basis, one of them was Crystal meth version

#2 Chocolate Addiction

Hitler consumed around 1-2 Kilos chocolate as part of his diet.

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#4 A Priest

When he was a young boy, Hitler told his mom that he want to be a priest.

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#5 William Patrick Hitler

This is Hitler Nephew. The most absurd thing here is that he fought against the German forces, as a US Navy soldier.

#6 Let's Swim In Moscow

Hitler wanted to demolished Moscow and make it as a huge swimming pool.

#7 Living Target

Almost 50 assassinations attempts were made to take this vicious life. As you probably guessed, 0 success rate.

#8 Vegetrian

Yup, that's right...

#9 His Niece

Rumors discovered that Hitler really loved his niece, I mean, sexually.. Gross!

#10 Elemantary Education

Hitler didn't finish high school.

#11 Same Same But Different

Some mysterious woman built Hitler's bunker. The most shocking part of this story is that her grandson built a bunker for Sadam Hussian, the former Iraq evil dictator.

#12 1 Ball Show

He lost one of his testicles during WWI. Ouch!