These 15 Memes Couldn't Have Described Moms Any Better

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 9th October 2015


When they only give you .7 seconds to respond before calling your name another three times.


When you're already overwhelmed with house cleaning duties, and they give you a laundry list more of them.

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Or when they're preoccupied with a very important call with the insurance guy and you ask them a question.


When she leaves you at the right moment.

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When they turn a casual conversation into a personal interrogation about the inner-workings of someone's life.


When you were young and they gave you this conflicting ultimatum.


Or when they ask you about what's going on in your life and then immediately make your problems feel petty.


When you ask them if they need help with anything and they give you this response.


When the fleeting joy of Mother's Day passes.


When they want to get in the ring after learning some kid your age said something mean to you.


When they get you the wrong sized clothes but play it off like it was intentional.


When you think you've made a great point, and they put you in your place.


And when they think all video game consoles are literally the same.


When they're just a hair idealistic with their time estimates.