These 16 Short Horror Movies Are The Absolute Definition Of Terror.

Posted by Michael Avery in Geeks and Gaming On 25th March 2017

Horror movies changed so much throughout the years that unfortunately most of them became so mediocre and unscary. You will always see two kinds of horror movies, the most popular ones imply the element of surprise and try to collect as much jump scares as possible, and the second kind are just gross and feature a lot of blood and gore which is way more gruesome than scary and will only make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable.


1. Bedfellows (2 minutes)

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2. Unknown Number (7 minutes)


3. Vicious (12 minutes)


4. The Smiling Man (7 minutes)

5. The Cop Cam (2 minutes)

6. Night Night Nancy (4 minutes)

7. Mr Creak (3 minutes)

8. Clickbait (4 minutes)


9. Victim (14 minutes)

10. Passenger (3 minutes)

11. Downstairs (17 minutes)

12. Attic Panic (2 minutes)


13. Charlie (16 minutes)

14. Occupied (5 minutes)

15. Rake (14 minutes)

16. I Heard It Too (8 minutes)