These 18 Pictures Prove That Our Future Generation Is Completely Doomed!

By Johny in Bizarre On 12th October 2015

#1 This newborn is under a lot of pressure. They have to accept fashion straight out of the womb.

#2 Because this was never a thing until it was.

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#4 People of this new generation watches 3D P*rn More than normal movies.

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#5 Naked Selfies are the biggest reason!

#6 Vegan!!! They don't even know the difference between Vegan and Virgin.

#8 Tattoos are changing the world. There should be a war on tattoos in this new world.

#9 Really a Chef Hat or Pen*s.. Confused Generation.

#10 Kids are getting Lazy and Lazy and Lazy.

#11 No Sleepers in the bathroom .. Totally Non-Hygienic.

#12 There is no trust in a relationship these days.

#13 They don't love their life. They are just ruining their life.

#14 They just want to live alone forever.

#15 Technology is revealing their secrets to public.

#16 The internet is creating horrible people without souls.

#17 And now that’s why we need signs like this.

#18 Things like walking and exercise will soon become a distant memory.