These 18 Vintage Medical Photos Are Both Creepy And Fascinating

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Geeks and Gaming On 5th July 2015

With the wonders modern medicine works every day, it's easy to forget how tough the early days of medicine were. Even as the scientific method informed the development of new drugs, techniques, and tools, there were plenty of quacks looking to cash in and few avenues to hold them to account. And there were mistakes. Lots of mistakes. For many patients, the cure was often as harrowing as the disease. So have a look at the photos below and be thankful that you're living in the 21st century.


#1 Dr. Lewis Sayre treating scoliosis, checking the curvature of the spine.

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#2 Patients at mental institutions were restrained with wet blankets.


#3 Protective gear for a radiology nurse, circa 1918.


#4 Early treatment of rickets involved tanning during the winter months; circa 1925.

#5 Dr. Clark's Spinal Apparatus, circa 1878, one of the more bizarre and least practical treatments for scoliosis.

#6 An early defibrillator, circa 1940s.

#7 Physiotherapy used to be hands-off, seen here at Walter Reed circa 1920.

#8 Surgery wasn't always performed under anaesthesia; this one using ether, circa 1855, was a step in the right direction.


#9 An anatomical model of a pregnant woman so doctors wouldn't have to teach using a real woman. The coffin reinforces that only the anatomies of dead people should be studied. Circa 1680.

#10 European birthing chair, circa 1750. It's adjustable!

#11 Somewhere between a gurney and a wheelchair, an



#13 We hope this prosthetic leg, circa 1890, served her well.

#14 This prosthetic hand, circa 1800, suggests many advancements in 90 years.

#15 Stacking up polio sufferers in a multi-person iron lung, circa 1950.

#16 Medical heroin, developed and sold by Bayer in the 1890s.


#17 The cure that may have caused never-ending toothaches. Circa 1885.

#18 A jar for leeches, circa 1800s.