These 24 Pictures Will Make You Completely Re-Evaluate Your Existence. Just Whoa!

By Sumaiya Ghani in Facts and DIY On 23rd September 2015


We have always talked about sunrises and sunsets as if they are separate things that happen every day individually. The truth is though that it is all one constant rising and setting.


Imagine gravity disappearing one day. We would all literally just drift off into a complete black abyss.

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If right before I died someone could actually confirm this to me, I would die completely happy. The thought of a Star Wars like battle going on somewhere in the universe is freaking awesome.

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We're a bunch of jerks.


Poor Pluto...


Well, it's on the internet so it must be true right?

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If I get stuck next to a crying baby on my interplanetary flight to Mars I'm gonna be so pissed...


Maybe Michael Bay won't need CGI in every scene then.


Can't argue with that.

#11 least you accomplished something?


I prefer to think it is named after a delicious candy bar.


We're pretty much a cosmic science experiment gone wrong.


The Earth is still extremely young relative to many parts of the universe.


Every time you look up into the sky you are looking into the past.


That is still only a fraction of the universe's age.


Could they be thinking about me, thinking about them, thinking about me, thinking about them?


Who knows? It's possible.


How awesome would it be to see that?


We are all technically aliens.


We don't really thank the sun like we should. It is responsible for everything on this planet.


It's like a giant planet filled car.


This can actually be a very comforting factoid.


This is what we end on. We are all created from the same particles that existed when the universe first began. Everything in the universe is connected in that way.