These 7 Women Prove That Ladies Do Look Good In Yoga Pants Regardless Of What You Think.

Posted by Michael Avery in Fashion On 11th January 2018

Yoga pants are a huge cause of division among people. On one side you have those who believe that yoga pants aren't meant to be worn outside of the gym and on the other side you've got those who believe that anyone should be able to wear yoga pants anywhere they want. For most, it comes down to the body type of the wearer which is pretty much body shaming. Today we are going to show you a few people who make yoga pants look good. Damn what a hater has to say.

#1 Selena Gomez is sizzling.

Selena is a beautiful young woman so it's no surprise that she can totally rock a pair of yoga pants too. She doesn't stick to just one type of exercise and likes to mix things up. The result is an amazing body that makes the yoga pants she wears look amazing.


#2 Jennifer Lawrence is looking like a GODDESS!

JLaw is one of the leading ladies in Hollywood these days. She's funny, outgoing, and amazingly hot. She regularly practices yoga so she has a vast amount of yoga pants and we are not complaining one bit. She totally rocks them.

#3 Kendall Jenner looks amazing.

Say what you want about the Kardashians/Jenners but most of them look stunning. Kendall is no exception with her tight fit body. During a regular fashion season, she can be found at a gym at least 4 out of 7 days of the week sculpting her amazing body and keeping it runway ready.


#4 Amber Rose is stacked.

Amber Rose and her breakneck curves are always the topics of discussion. As you can see below, she perfectly fills out her yoga pants leaving men drooling as they stand there staring wishing they could date her.

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