These 9 Wonder Moms Broke Extraordinary World Records And We Are Just Amazed

Posted by Abdul Rafay in Amazing

These brave mothers have broken some insane world records and have made us love our moms even more.


#1 Twins were born four months apart!

We know that twins are either born just a few minutes apart or a few hours apart but this mommy gave a very rare birth to her twins.

Maria Jones–Elliott gave birth to her twin daughters four months apart. Since after given birth to her one baby she stopped having contractions so the doctors decided to keep the other baby inside it was also an early delivery. Four months later, the other twin was healthy and happy.


#2 Louise Joy Brown- the first test tube baby.

Louise Joy Brown was the first testytube baby given birth by the brave mother Lesley Brown in July 1978. She was brave enough to be the first woman to conceive through test tube method.

The first test tube baby was born healthy and now this method is very famous and successful.


#3 Oldest mother to give birth.

She is the oldest mother to everyone give birth. This couple was trying to conceive for 40 but wasn't successful.

Rajo Devi Lohan finally got pregnant through the test tube methed and gave birth at the age of 70.


#4 She was a Wonder Woman.

There was a woman in the middle 18th century who gave birth to a total of 69 children.

It's said that the wife of Feodor Vasillyev gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets.


#5 Woman pregnant for 375 days!

It's normal to give birth after nine months of pregnancy but this woman named Beulah Hunter was pregnant for 375 days.

This happened in 1945, the baby must have developed very slowly. Though it's very old but it is said that there are a few people who remember the pregnancy being taken place for that long time period.


#6 A Real Hero.

Mother's breast milk is extremely important for a new born baby's survival though it's an animal baby or human baby. But there are some woman who don't have sufficient milk to breastfeed her baby or some can't breastfeed at all.

But there are such women in this world too who donates their milk just for the sake of the little babies. There is this wonderful woman who set a record by donating 87 gallons of breastmilk to Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas.


#7 That is indeed a miracle.

This super mom Nadya Suleiman is also famous as an 'Octomom' because she gave birth to eight healthy twin babies; six boys and two girls.


#8 The first man to give birth.

Yes it happened. He is the first man to give birth. Thomas Beatie is a transgender person who was a girl till the age of 23 but changed his gender though he decided to keep his reproductive organs.

In 2008, he got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby.

#9 The smallest mom to ever give birth.

Stacy Herald has brittle bone disease and is 2 feet and 4 inches tall only. But that didn't stop her from being a mom. She is now a proud biological mother of three beautiful kids.

She is the smallest mom to give birth and has even set a world record.

Indeed moms are the best, no matter if she has set the world record or not. We should appreciate our moms and be always grateful for the extra ordinary love that they shower on us. This whole child birth process alone is enough for us to be grateful to her all our life and we haven't even counted all the difficulties she faces while raising us. So appreciate your moms people and have a happy life.