These Adorable Pups Are Some Of The Tiniest Dog Breeds In The World

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Nature and Travel On 13th March 2018

Small and teacup breeds of dogs are very high maintenance. They need to be fed several small meals a day due to having tiny stomachs. Plus, they are almost impossible to housebreak like a normal dog because of their tiny bladders. They are also incredibly fragile and could easily get hurt or even die from small falls like off your couch. People tend to want these kinds of dogs because they are incredibly cute, but they have no idea what they are in for.


I don't know if we could actually consider this one to be cute. They are, after all, called a Monkey Terrier for a reason. These feisty little guys are full of spunk, but they are hard to house train. They do not like being home alone and can become quite mischevious while you are away. They tend to be good with other dogs but not so much with kids. They grow to around ten inches from floor to shoulder and will weigh around eight pounds at full grown.


Tea Cup Yorkie

There is no doubt that this breed of dog is absolutely the most adorable thing you will ever see in your entire life, but does that mean you should have one? Only a person with a lot of free time and plenty of patience along with proper training should own one of these. They are extremely needy and fragile. They also come with a ton of health issues, so be sure to get them from a reputable breeder or you could be in for more than you bargained.

Russian Toy

According to this dog is also known as a Russkiy Toy and is often mistaken for a chihuahua. They were created in Russia from English Toy Terriers. They are known to be a very happy-go-lucky breed of dog. They are not that great with kids and prefer cat friends over other dogs. This is one of the world's smallest dog breeds that will only reach about six pounds.



This breed is more fluff than body. They will only grow to weigh three to seven pounds. They are extremely playful and even like running with the big dogs. However, you must keep an eye on them when playing with larger dogs as they can easily get hurt. They are prone to hip and health issues when they get older, and they tinkle a lot. Housebreaking is not too hard, but be prepared to go out with them often or invest in puppy pee pads.

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