These Amazing Pictures Will Definitely Have You Saying "Wow"

Posted by Michael Avery in Amazing On 23rd April 2018

Our planet is full of amazing things that it would take several lifetimes to even begin to explore. Most of us will go our entire lives never seeing even a minuscule amount of the amazing things our world has to offer. Even the oldest most well traveled of us can still be amazed by the interesting things found in the world around us. Take a look at just a small sample of some of the amazing things that can be found in our world.

#1 This volcano erupting.

Most of us will never see a volcano erupting in real life but for the people of Calbuco, Chile they had front row seats to the main event. When something like this happens all you can do is say wow and stare in awe at the power of our planet.


#2 An aerial view of this amazing wonder.

The village of Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Netherlands is a marvel of manmade design. Just look at the intricate details put into the design of this village. It's truly amazing.

#3 This is pretty unique.

This strange display was created in order to show what the same human hand would look like with different skin colors. It's pretty interesting don't you think?


#4 What a big heart.

This, my friends, is the heart of a whale. It's pretty freaking huge, needing a forklift to carry it around. Can you imagine just how much blood this thing pumped when the whale was alive?

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