These Amazing World Records Will Leave You Overwhelmed, Unbelievable!

By Sughra Hafeez in Bizarre On 3rd September 2015

#1 Tallest Hairdo

Kazuhiro Watanabe has the world's tallest mohawk

#2 The Biggest Yo-Yo

It can be called crazy but Beth Johnson has done this. The yo-yo measures 3.65m in diameter.

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#4 The longest tongue!

Nick Stoeberl from California has a tongue measuring 10.1cm.

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#5 The Lady Having Largest Collection Of Barbie Dolls

A German woman named Bettina Dorfmann, she has a collection of more than 15,000 Barbie dolls

#6 The Longest Nose

It is strange that genetics can help you set a record, but such was the case with Mehmet Ozyurek and his 8.8 centimeter nose.

#7 Largest Smurf Gathering!

2,510 students from Swansea University, UK, created this record on June 8th.

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#8 Max Violins Played At Once

The record is held by a Ukrainian named Oleksandr Bozak.

#9 Having Largest Collection Of Nike Shoes

Jordan Geller has a collection of 2,500 pairs of Nike shoes to set this record.

#10 Most straws wedged into a mouth

This man put a pile of more than 400 straws and thought, can take all straws into my mouth.

#11 Fastest Moving Toilet You Had Ever Seen

Of all the world's record, this maybe the most worthless since, last we analyzed, most of us don't care whether our toilets can zip along at high speed.

#12 Largest Spherical Ball

Joel Waul took six years to make a massive rubber band ball, which weighs approximately five tons.

#13 Most Bees Buzzing On A Person

Chinese beekeeper She Ping holds the world record for having 331,000 bees on him at once, a record we assume will stand forever.

#14 The Longest Golf Club

A golf club measuring 4.37 metres owned by Karsten Maas.