These Are 10 Of The Worst Things That Can Happen If You Have Braces

By Editorial Staff in Health and Fitness On 14th September 2015

#1 You Get Tired of Hearing That It Will Be Worth It in the End

Every time you mention your discomfort or complain about your braces, people tell you it will be well worth it in the end. While you know this is true, hearing it constantly get old, and you wish people would just console you without giving you a speech.

#2 Discovering a Loose Bracket Feels Like the End of the World

Only those with braces can relate to the doomed feeling that comes on when they notice a loose bracket. Not only do you have to worry about the loose bracket cutting your gums, tongue, or lip, you know the pain and discomfort from getting it tightened is unavoidable.

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#3 You Constantly Worry about Food Getting Stuck

No matter what you eat, even yogurt or pudding, you constantly worry something is stuck in your braces. This worry leads you to constantly check in the mirror. Only those with braces understand how much this habit can really ruin a special moment.

#4 Eating Caramel Was a Nightmare

Those with braces know that eating caramel, or anything else that is gooey, sticky, and delicious, is an absolute nightmare. Indulging in one little caramel results in a 10- to 15- minute session of clearing the candy from all cracks and crevices.

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#5 Your Mouth Felt Like a Construction Zone

Along with all the metal in your mouth, the constant adjusting and tweaking make your mouth feel like it is a personal construction zone. It feels even more like this when a problem arises and you have to rush to get it fixed before the braces cause further damage.

#6 You Cringed When You Had to Say Certain Words

No matter how hard you try, certain words come out wrong. Those with braces know what it feels like to take a few extra seconds to form sentences. This is necessary to try and avoid saying any s-word more than you have to.

#7 Your Mouth Felt Like a Swimming Pool

Once you get those difficult words out, you mouth fills up with saliva and makes your tongue feel like it's drowning in a swimming pool. This leads to swallowing much more often, which leads you to ponder how much saliva your mouth can actually hold at one time.

#8 You Quickly Learned to Smile with Your Mouth Closed

Those with braces know how much a mouth full of metal can quickly ruin a picture. Even those photogenic people dislike their brace-face selfies. Once those braces are in place, you learn how to smile perfectly with your mouth closed.

#9 You Know What It Is Like to Be Called Brace Face

You know all too well that even the nicest people cannot resist using the phrase "brace face" at least one time. This is especially true if you have siblings or friends who like to tease. The same goes for the phrase "metal mouth." As for those cruel folks, there is an unlimited amount of phrases they seem to come up with to use.

#10 Flossing

Remember when you thought flossing was a pain without braces? After having them on for a few years, it's all but guaranteed you'll never take flossing for granted again. It takes forever, is difficult, and is even more necessary than when you didn't have braces.