These Are Quite Possibly The Worst Swimsuits You Will Ever See

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 24th May 2017

#1 Tiger print is just not acceptable.

I bet he scares off all the kids.


#2 When you ask your grandma to make you a new swimsuit.

I bet it itches.

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#3 This is what they call "fashion."

I call it nonsense.


#4 New from Apple Inc, its iWear.

It's more like iShouldn'tWear.

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#5 When you're a sadist but you wanna go enjoy the beach.

At least she is protected from sharks with all those spikes.

#6 What a name for a swimsuit.

Ey gurl, I wanna get in dem guts. Yeah, see it sounds disgusting.


#7 It's like somebody took one of those ugly purses you see people walking around with and made it into a swimsuit.

It doesn't look comfortable at all.

#8 Extra points for the natural bikini.

Gotta love redneck ingenuity.


#9 Everything is fabulous for this gentleman.

Ain't no shame in his game!


#10 She just wanted to get in touch with nature.

She's got that whole little mermaid vibe going.


#11 You don't want to answer this question.

Okay, yes you do. Yes, you look fat!

#12 Yeah brah, chilling at the beach!

Going to pick up some babes brah. That's what I'm talking about brah!


#13 America, home of the brave, home of the free, home of this travesty.


#14 If I was that taxi I would just keep driving.

Like seriously why is she walking around in a swimsuit in the middle of the city in the pouring rain?


#15 Would you like a bite of her sandwich?

Or are you like me and would rather she put on more clothes.

#16 Zangief enjoy popsicle then Zangief crush you.

Somehow I pictured him being more buff.


#17 Ma'am I think you should know you have that on backward.

You know, I think she did that on purpose.

#18 They say that duct tape fixes anything but I don't think it works well here.

Nice try though.


#19 Solar powered bikinis are just what the world needs.

Now you can save the environment and electrocute yourself at the same time.

#20 The placement of Jaws has not escaped me.

She is sending you a warning fellas. I would heed it.