These Are Some Of The Coolest Freshwater Fish You Can Have In Your Aquarium

By Missy aka Tizzy in Nature On 22nd March 2018


This is also known as the Mexican Salamander or Mexican walking fish. They are pretty easy to take care of and are healthy eaters. It is best to keep them with fish that are larger than they are so they do not eat them. They grow to be about a foot long and can live up to 20 years, so be prepared for a commitment.

Frog Fish

These members of the anglerfish family can be anywhere from 1 to 15 inches long. Most of them are pretty calm natured, but some can be aggressive. If you want these in your aquarium, you will want to have some live rocks in there as they are usually found hidden among coral in the wild. They prefer live feeder shrimp instead of frozen meaty foods, but they can be transitioned to the latter over time. They are super cool, but you might not always be able to spot them in your tank as they are masters of disguise.

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Mexican Tetra

These fish are pretty cool. They are also known as blind cave fish because they do not have any eyes. These are tropical fish, so you must have a heated tank to keep them healthy and active. They only grow to be about three inches long, so a ten-gallon tank would be fine for them. However, you will want to pick up at least three of these as they prefer to be in groups. They are definitely a conversation starter.


Before you freak out, please understand that not all blowfish are poisonous creatures. In fact, there are tons of blowfish that are totally safe for you to have in your aquarium. They are not aggressive and can live with other non-aggressive freshwater fish. Just be sure to ask your pet store a ton of questions or do your research before picking one out for your tank.

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You would think that this colorful fish is something you would only find in a saltwater tank, but it just proves that freshwater fish can be brilliant in color too. These fish need a larger tank and are not recommended for people who are novices at having fish. They are not compatible with larger fish, so it is best to keep them in a tank with smaller tetra fish. They are carnivorous in nature, so feeding them fish flakes will not do. They need blood worms and beef heart. And, with the beef heart, the tank will get polluted easily, so regular maintenance of the tank is necessary. Now, do you have an idea why these fish are not for beginners?

Banded Leporinus

This beauty has a mischievous side. They like to jump, so be sure that your aquarium has a hood on it to keep your fish securely inside its tank. Also, if your tank has live plants, they will wreak havoc on them and uproot them while you sleep. They are not picky eaters, so it is best to mix things up with them. They can eat things like brine shrimp, bloodworms, and fish flakes.


These are a popular breed of fish for beginners and they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes as well as sizes. They are perfect for small aquariums that are five gallons or less in size. But, they are jumpers, so be sure to keep a fully secured lid on them. They can jump through the smallest of cracks, so that is extremely important.

Zebra Batfish

Zebra Batfish are a peaceful breed of fish and should never be housed with aggressive fish. They do well with groups of their own kind and prefer a tank full of little places that they can hide. They are carnivorous, so you would need to feed them meaty foods like brine shrimp. These fish are absolutely gorgeous with their zebra-like striping.