These Are The Most Shockingly Sexist Ads You've Ever Seen.

Posted by Michael Avery in History On 18th July 2017

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has been cracking down on ads that they say are stereotypical or sexist. With that being said, it's pretty safe to assume that none of these ads from the past would have made the cut.


#1 The Man Is In Charge.

This coffee ad uses domestic violence to push their product.

Based on new strict ad guidelines in the UK any ad that is unhelpful or damaging will be removed right away. The crack down will also apply to images that sexualize topics, push stereotypes or push for unhealthy weight gain or loss. These new rules are being applauded by women all over. With that being said, it's long over due. If the image above is any indication, this has been a problem for a very long time. Just take a look at the rest of these blood boiling shockingly sexist ads.


#2 Who Wears The Pants?

In this shocking ad, a hubby believes the best place for his wife is under his foot.

This pants advertisement claims that "After one look at his Mr. Leggs slacks, she was ready to have him walk all over her."


#3 Absolute Murder

This ad not only implies that women don't understand technology, it also questions the legality of killing women.


#4 It Goes Down Smooth

This picture was sent out as a tweet with that caption but it didn't go down too well.

Belvedere invited a ton of controversy In 2012 after promoting this picture. Belvedere always goes down smoothly indeed.


#5 What A Way To Be Reborn.

This sexy advert caused a huge stir when it featured a bikini-clad woman beside a highly inappropriate sentence.

It didn't take long for the public to hit back at the ad, forcing the company to make a public apology. A Belgian organ donor foundation certainly raised awareness for their cause. But sadly, their message got lost as many people were concerned by their marketing strategy. Their tagline: "Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her" was definitely a bold decision.


#6 Pretty Wife But Horrible Coffee

This funny ad has a woman handing her hubby coffee as he shaves for work. After tasting the coffee he asked: "How can such a pretty wife make such bad coffee?" Making us spit ours out all over the desk.


#7 No Sweet Music Here

This ad suggests that you can get some 'no strings attached' fun with a pack of cigarettes.


#8 Feeling Deflated

This controversial commercial compares women to blow-up dolls.

While some found this Czech bitter liquor commercial funny, it was hated by most viewers. The promotion shows a man with his wife on vacation. As she begins talking to him, he removes the plug in the back of her body and she deflates like a blow-up doll.


#9 Overly Colorful

This banned Dulux commercial sees a man changing women like they were paint colors.

This one shows a DIY fan testing paints and getting a different scantily clad woman moving provocatively towards him each time. The commercial proved too much for the ASA, who banned it after a series of complaints.


#10 Snickers Fails Hard

The advertisers may have thought they would please women with this Snickers ad which has builders shouting non-sexist remarks at passers by. But it caused a backlash with the punchline, "You're not yourself when you're hungry" - suggesting sexism is the normal state of affairs.


#11 Women Can't Drive

This vintage ad was enough to drive women mad with its suggestion that women are not safe behind the wheel. The Goodyear ad claimed: "When a woman’s at the wheel, Polyglas needs more than mileage."

#12 Too Blunt

As well as insisting 'men are better than women', this ad shows a struggling woman hanging off the edge of a cliff.

As you can see, these ads were all taken down and for good reason.