These Beautiful Stories Are The Reason Why We Should Not Take Medical Professionals For Granted

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Heartbreaking On 11th May 2018

It is easy to imagine that anyone who works in the healthcare field has plenty of stories to tell. A challenge was issued on Twitter for people to tell a story in one tweet. These amazing people told some incredible stories of saving lives and just being a beautiful person while working in one of the hardest fields. Grab your tissues because some of these will definitely bring tears to your eyes.

Tiny Baby

Can you imagine this? 450 grams is 0.99 pounds. No one would believe that any baby could survive being born that small. However, this man was not giving up on the little one. It seems that his faith helped her defeat the odds.



It takes some very strong-willed medical staff to continue to perform life-saving measures for that amount of time. Somewhere deep inside, they must have known that he had some more life in him. Thank goodness they did not give up.

Home Depot

EMTs can tell you all kinds of tales about their days. Most of the time, they do not get thanks for the work that they do. And, many do not even expect any kinds of thanks. They are just happy to do their jobs. As a patient, you have no idea the kind of impact you might have on their lives.


Habla Espanol?

No one said working in the medical field is easy, especially on your psyche. Rough days like the one this woman went through are enough to make some people give up working in this kind of field. We are glad that she didn't give up. She will save more lives and make a positive impact on many, many people through her years of work.

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