These Best Friends Turn Dirty Beards Into Beautiful Art

By Muk Khatri in Fashion On 6th September 2015

#1 Not everyone can grow a beard...

#2 Even fewer people can grow a truly splendid beard.

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#4 But they didn't stop with just hair...oh no...

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#5 For the past year or so, they've been bedazzling their beards with just about every decorative item you can imagine.



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#8 "We have put a lot of obscure things in our beards over this last year, but one of the best we would have to say are the dandelion beards," the Gaybeards told Distractify in an email.

"They were by far the most fragile to work with, but getting to shake them out was priceless. Worst beard is hands down the Skittle beards we attempted. Needless to say that one never went public, but now we know that Vaseline does not hold candy very well."

#9 "We met back in 1998 when we were both 8 years old. Unfortunately though, the beards didn't come until a bit later when we were 23," they said when asked about their origin story.

#10 "Even though we both have our days of beard frustrations, neither of us have come remotely close to shaving off our beards. We fancy them quite a lot and we both agree shaving it off would be like losing a limb."

#11 "We've gone out in the city a few times dawning flower beards for photo-shoots, and it's always a good time," they said when asked if they ever wear their beard-galia out in public.

#12 "Usually we get a couple waves and a few honks, but we do live in Portland, so we have that going for us."

#13 "Most people don't know that the white streak in Brian's hair is natural, showing up at the age of 17," they revealed.

#14 "For Johnathan, most people wouldn't suspect, at least we think, that he has spent the past few years as a touring musician."



#17 The Gaybeards, undecorated (but still gorgeous).