These Bridesmaid Dresses From The Past Are Truly Cringe-Worthy

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 18th August 2018

Being a bridesmaid in a wedding can be a spectacular thing. Afterall, you get to be with your closest friend on one of the best most memorable days of her life, and you would do anything to make her day perfect, even if it means wearing a hideous dress while standing by her side. The bridesmaid's dresses are never meant to upstage the beauty of the bride, so it should be no surprise that some brides pick out some truly ugly dresses for her entourage to wear on her big day, but some of these dresses are so ugly that they should never have been made.


Curtains Match The Drapes

We do not know about the rest of you, but we have never loved our curtains so much that we would make dresses out of matching materials. This is so cringe-worthy, even the flower girl looks confused.

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These are reminiscent of early 90s prom dresses. The sad thing is that I actually wore a dress eerily similar to these but in a pale purple for my own mother's wedding. The puffy sleeves were all the rage back then.


At least they all match

This couple decided to make sure that the bridesmaids and groomsmen all matched with this hideous shade of pale green. While the ladies do look comfortable in the material of the dresses, the scarf-like top half of the dresses really leaves something to be desired.


Got Shades?

These dresses are such a bright shade of yellow that we bet the entire guest list brought sunglasses along as to not be blinded. It makes us wonder if the bride's favorite song is "Walking on Sunshine."

Pastel Rainbow

One thing this group of ladies is probably thankful for is that they all did not have to wear the same shade of hideous dress. The one thing they have going for them is that they are wearing pastels instead of primary colors. That would have been truly disastrous.

Flower Vomit

Perhaps, it is the vomit yellow shade that makes these dresses so cringy, but we think that it is a combination of that awful color and the big ugly flowers. Who puts dark green daisies on a floral pattern anyway?


We may not know a whole lot about fashion, but we are pretty sure that these are nighties, not dresses. Or, they could be sundresses. Either way, they are not appropriate for a wedding.


These green dresses had to have been from the 70s. No self-respecting woman from any later generation would be caught dead in this color or floral pattern.


Deer Cuffing Season

This is what happens when cuffing season and deer hunting season happen at the same time. Or, you might just be a redneck if your wedding party is dressed in full camo gear. You decide.

Polka Dot Madness

There is just so much wrong with this picture. First, high waisted belts only look good on solid fabric. Second, those polka dots are so Ewwww. And lastly, what is up with those hats? Those ladies should really rethink their friendship with this bride after these shenanigans.

Christmas Wedding?

Red is just one of those colors that you rarely see on bridesmaid dresses, and for good reason. These specific dresses look like something Santa's helpers would wear instead of bridesmaids. We just hope that this was a Christmas wedding as it is the only thing that makes any sense.

Tiered Madness

Not only are these tiered dresses awful, so are the strange floral crowns that the bridesmaids are wearing. But, let's forget the bridesmaids for a moment and take a good look at the bride. We give her an A for effort when it comes to creativity, but why is she wearing a whole flower pot on her head?


Muffing Around

The only thing worse than a dark purple bridesmaid dress is a fur-trimmed dress with matching muff, fluffy collar, and furry crowns. At least the flower girl was spared from all of the excess fuzz.

At least they all match

The bride looks like she took the extra steps to be sure that her groom matched her bridesmaids by choosing the least used color from their dresses for his suit. Unfortunately, the whole thing is an epic fail once she paired those dresses up with cowgirl hats with floral accents.

Petticoat Junction

From the parasols to the petticoat style dresses, these poor ladies must have been really embarrassed to be part of this wedding party. The worst part is that those dresses also come adorned with giant bows at the backs of their dresses adding to their cringy-ness.