These Could Be The Creepiest Things That Kids Have Ever Said To Their Parents

Posted by Michael Avery in Bizarre On 26th February 2018

Someone on Reddit once asked what the creepiest thing a child ever said to their parent. Thousands of people started answering and their responses ranged from strange to creepy to downright deranged. Here are some of the best responses.

#1 All the nopes.

This is certainly unsettling. I would make sure I locked my child's bedroom door at night for sure.


#2 What's that supposed to mean.

I would definitely be creeped out by my kid saying this to me. I'd probably be trying to figure out what he meant by that while checking on him regularly.

#3 Aww that isn't creepy at all.

This one is more touching than anything else. Her grandpa was just watching over her. At least I hope he was watching over her.


#4 Okay now that's creepy.

Anything at all relating to little kids and the shining is instantly cause for concern. Watch out for redrum dude.

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