These Exes Sat Down To Ask Each Other Brutally Honest Questions About Why Their Relationship Ended.

By Michael Avery in Life Style On 2nd September 2015


These exes asking each other honest questions has everything you want in a viral video: sadness, crying, regret, and more. Glamour set up an interview between two college sweethearts who dated for seven years but now have been broken up for two. We start right out of the gate with the guy insisting he "did not, like, do the act of cheating," before immediately admitting to doing "hand stuff" and "mouth stuff." Normally I try not to negatively judge people based on what they're wearing, but this guy is being such a jerk that I feel fine saying his hat is stupid.

We also hear unexplained references to "Burly," "Laura," "Ian's room," "Rebecca and Winston," and "Marsha." It kind of seems like they were coached to name-drop as many of their friends as possible to weave together this depressing tapestry of their time together.