These Flowers Will Make Your Spring Garden The Envy Of All Your Neighbors

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Nature and Travel On 20th March 2018

Spring is undoubtedly the most beautiful time of year. The trees are filling in with their beautiful leaves and flowers. People's gardens begin to bloom, and you might be just a bit envious of their green thumbs. But, you do not have to be. Spring flowers are much easier than you would expect. Here is a list of our favorite flowers you can plant this Spring.


I am starting this list off with one of my personal favorite flowers, gladiolas. I used to live near a gladiola farm, and after their big harvest, they would let us come and pull up the leftover flowers from the bulbs. If you get your gladiolas this way, you will have to split the bulbs as they do multiply before planting them. Or, you can buy the bulbs at Walmart or Home Depot, any place that sells gardening supplies. You want to plant them 4-6 inches deep in the ground and about 3 inches apart. Make sure they are planted where they will get direct sunlight, and do not plant them until after the last frost. The ground needs to be warm. They do take around eight weeks to flower, but once they do, you will be in love. They have such a wide variety of colors, and if you like having fresh cut flowers in your home, these are perfect for that. These will continue to bloom all the way into the fall.



Pansies are probably the easiest flowers to grow in your garden. I like to use these to border my garden as they tend to spread out some. You can pick up these flowers at any place that sells gardening supplies and plant them after the last frost. Dig a three to four-inch hole in your soil, fill it with water, then split the soil and roots around the bottom of your flowers, and put it down in your watered hole. Fill in the area around the base of the flowers. They grow well in full sun or part shade. If you live in a very hot area, I would suggest planting them in a partly shaded area.


Hyacinths grow best in clusters so you can get the full scent of them in your garden. You can plant the bulbs around other tall blooming flowers or keep them together in boxes or around trees or even your mailbox. Plant them in full or partial sun with. You want the pointed side of the bulb up and need to put them at least three times their width deep in the ground. Spread them about five inches apart from each other. If you are putting them in pots, they can be planted closer together as they will not need room to multiply. These will bloom all the way into winter. Once they stop, be sure to trim off the tops so they can grow back again next year.



If you want tulips in the Spring, you need to plan ahead. You want to plant your bulbs in the fall after the first frost but before the ground freezes. Dig a six-inch hole and put your bulb in with the pointy side up and cover. If your soil is dry, be sure to water it. Planting your tulips in a row looks a bit unnatural, so try planting them in clusters of at least five bulbs. These flowers are great for the edges of your yard or your walkways. They come in many colors, so each Spring will be full of amazing colors.

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