These Flowers Will Make Your Spring Garden The Envy Of All Your Neighbors

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Nature and Travel On 20th March 2018


Do you live near the beach? These stunning shrubs are just what you need because they can easily tolerate the salty air surrounding them. They can grow in full or part sun and in any type of soil. You want a hole that is as deep as the root ball and two to three times as wide. Put the plant in the hole and fill it halfway up with soil. Then pour in water. Once the water has saturated, you can fill the hole in the rest of the way. If you are planting more than one, keep them at least three feet apart.



Daffodils are another flower that grows best and looks most impressive when they are in clusters. We suggest planting them sporadically at least three inches apart. You want to plant these in the fall a couple of weeks before your area is due to freeze. Or, you can wait until you can find blooms and transfer them to your garden. Just be sure to get the bulb and all when transplanting. These are another great flower for bordering your walkway, surrounding the base of a tree, filling a planter box, or for around your mailbox.


Petunias are probably the easiest flowers to grow in the Spring. You could start from seeds, but it is much easier to buy small plants and transplant them. You can grow them in your garden, a hanging basket, or a flower box. They tend to spread out, so be sure to give them some space. These flowers love the light, and your flower colors will be brighter because of this. If you live in a particularly windy area, you might want to plant them close to a wall to prevent wind damage as the flowers are quite delicate.



Growing spirea shrubs is incredibly easy. They can grow just about anywhere. You can plant these at the start of Spring in full sun or light shade. You will want to surround the base of the shrub with mulch to keep the moisture in the soil. They make a great addition right smack center of your garden. Make sure you prune your spirea shrubs once the flowers are gone so they grow back with no issues the following season.

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