These Foods Look Really Disgusting, But Would You Dare Eat One For 10 Bucks?

Posted by Editorial Staff in Food On 30th September 2016

Holy cow! Is these foods for real? The 10 bucks or up is enough for some food I can eat like the Canned Brown Bread, maybe the frog legs if it’s cooked (because we eat it in the Philippines), or maybe the Maggot Cheese I’ve seen it in a cable TV show but if I’m not mistaken the process of making the cheese is already forbidden because of health risk.

Most of these food looks really disgusting but if these food are worthy of eating and there’s a consumer who support it then we should respect it and respect them! Because at the end of the day they won’t let you eat it if you don’t want to. But for fun sake, I dare you to take the challenge!


1. Canned Whole Chicken


Whole chicken in a can


2. Squeez Bacon

3. Canned Cheeseburger


4. Canned Fish Mouths

5. Potted Meat Food Product

6. Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

7. Dancing Octopus and Squid Dish


8. Canned Brown Bread

9. Casu Marzu (also known as Maggot Cheese)

Maggots in Casu Marzu

10. Dancing Frog Legs