These Heartbreaking Pictures Show This Little girl's Last Moments As She Passes Away In The Hospital.

Posted by Michael Avery in Heartbreaking On 7th February 2018

These truly agonizing pictures show this 2-year-old little girl dying in her parent's arms as she desperately waited for a heart transplant. What a heartbreaking moment.

Loving parents, Justin and Kristi, have decided to share the heartbreaking photos of their daughter's last moments while she desperately waited for a heart transplant.

2-year-old Adalynn was born with a devastating congenital heart defect and died in a children's hospital in Nashville Tennessee surrounded by her parents and siblings.


One of the many heartbreaking pictures shows her brother trying to hold back his tears after Adalynn's death was confirmed by the hospital staff.

Suha Dabit, the founder of "World of Broken Hearts" was allowed to photograph the heartbreaking situation as a way to raise awareness about the condition that cost Adalynn her life.

On November 8th Adalynn had to be rushed to the hospital and on December 18th she had to have an RVAD (right ventricular assist device) implanted into her chest to help her weak heart keep beating.

Sadly she suffered from complications after it was implanted and ended up aspirating. This left her without oxygen for almost 25 minutes.


In order to remedy the situation, doctors decided to move Adalynn to an ECMO machine which drains blood and adds oxygen while removing carbon dioxide before warming the blood up and pumping it back into the body.

The little girl's horrible situation resonated with Suha whose daughter had to go through a similar plight.

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