These Horrific Pictures Will Make You Give Up Sugar Forever!

By Sughra Hafeez in Health and Fitness On 18th October 2015

#1 Tooth decay

A 11-year-old had to undergo a major dental surgery to have 11 of his spoiled teeth removed!

#2 Why it's caused

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria eating into the enamel.

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#4 Starting signs

Dr Beaumont recommends checking your child's mouth for signs of decay which often start out as small white spots on the tooth, and can progress to be yellow or brown in color.

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#5 Guess what's the most common reason for anesthesia use!

Pediatric dentist Dr Timothy Johnston warns in most states treatment of teeth remains the most common reason to use general anesthesia on children.

#6 Here's how a surgery looks like!

#8 Daily consumption of coca-cola, and this is what you get!

#9 Teeth extracted from a two-year-old patient.

#10 So think before you expose yourself to all that sugar!