These Just Might Be The Most Impossible Riddles You'll Ever Come Across.

By Michael Avery in Puzzle On 19th September 2017

Is a married person looking at an unmarried person?

Answer: A. If Sarah is not married then John is looking at an unmarried individual. If Sarah is married then she is looking at Paul who is not married. Either way, a married person is looking at someone who is unmarried.

Can you solve this one?

Answer: (Rock) & (Roll) M+(ewe)+sick = rock and roll music!

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How good are you with math?

Answer: 5000? Nope. It's 4100.

Tricky, tricky. How many are left?

Answer: 10. The fish have no way to leave the tank!

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Change the way you think for this one.

Answer: They weren't playing one another (gotta think outside the box).

Someone has to be lying right?

Answer: Sisters exist, you know - and they can be doctors. The doctors were Robert's sisters.

This one will be a little harder than the rest.

Answer: Jason. June is the sixth month, April the fourth, September the ninth, October the tenth and November the eleventh. Together, they spell J-A-S-O-N.

There are multiple correct answers.

Answer: there are three possible answers. They could be 51 and 15, 42 and 24, or 60 and (0)6.

Can you win this race?

Answer: just second place (sorry).

This should be easy.

Answer: a sponge

I bet you will figure this one out pretty easily.

Answer: roads (duh).

Could this be a trick question?

Answer: the wife is a photographer, not a murderer.

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