These Kids Rename Everyday Things Making Us Wonder They Were Not Named That Way To Begin With

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 7th June 2018

Parents know that kids often come up with new names for everything. They do this a lot with words they are not able to properly pronounce. They also do this with things that they can pronounce but do not feel like they were properly named. They come up with words that make more sense to them, and often times, they make more sense to us too. Here are some of the best things renamed by kids.


Kids seem to have a lot more logic that most adults do. This seems like a perfectly acceptable alternative name for cemeteries.



Most of us do not know how certain animals got their names. I think they would have much cooler names if we would just let the kids name them. I am totally down for calling rhinos Battle Unicorns for now on.


To be honest, ravioli can be a hard word for most kids to say. It is kind of like how many little kids cannot say spaghetti properly. It is much easier to call them pasta pockets.



While we are not so sure that snow headphones are a great replacement for the word earmuffs since they do not play music. My kids called them ear pillows or ear warmers.

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