These “Kissing” Coffee Lids Are Going Viral In Korea

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 8th September 2015

#1 These “Kissing” Coffee Lids Are Going Viral In Korea

This face shaped coffee cup lid has been going viral on the streets of Korea.

Jang Woo Seok began a project titled "Take ‘Kiss' Out" which followed the theme "kiss when coffee." Designed to be fun and functional, Jang Woo Seok says he enjoys both drinking coffee and kissing, so he decided to mash the two together and create a coffee cup design that helps people feel emotionally different while they're drinking their coffee.

He describes the experience of drinking coffee in the morning as waking up and giving someone a warm kiss.

The design first began with only the lips but later on Jang Woo Seok added the nose in order to give a fuller and more realistic experience. The nose and lips were designed to have a friendly nature and took after the structure of Greek statues.

Since taking coffee on the go is both a fashion and culture of Korea, the combination of the lips with drinking coffee will make a fun and distinctive style for everyone.

These coffee lids can be spotted at the B2B coffee chain in Korea.


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