These Little Animal Poems Are Too Cute For Words

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 4th June 2018

You do not have to be an animal lover to enjoy these posts. But, if you are one, you are really in for a treat. These images are so precious, to say the least. Then, they have little poems to match each image perfectly. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.


While these poems might annoy your inner grammar and spelling nazi, they are super cute if you try to imagine reading them in the animals' voices. This little cutie seems to have passed out on a banana peel, and it is just too cute.



Goats are magical creatures that can scale the sides of mountains with ease. This particular goat looks like he is thanking the mountain for holding him up and not letting him fall.

Dog vs Snake

Any person who saw a rattlesnake would be terrified. However, this dog appears to be fearless and is trying to knock down any stigma and bad reps that rattlesnakes have by taking a moment to love on one.


Dog vs Rat

This is definitely an odd coupling, but they do not care what people say. They are going to love each other anyway. We find it completely endearing.

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