These Male Vloggers Are Better At Makeup Than Most Women

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 12th February 2018

Doing your makeup can be super easy, but some beauty bloggers have really turned it into art. Many of us can only dream about doing makeup as well as some of the women we see on YouTube. However, there are some male beauty vloggers out there that will truly blow your mind with the talents they have with makeup brushes.


Kenneth Senegal aka HeFlawless on YouTube

If you are looking to improve your blending and enhancing skills, this is one guy you need to check out. He already has some amazing facial structure, but his skills with makeup take his look to an entirely new level. In this video, he is rocking the night time look. Not only is he amazing, but he has a great personality which makes watching his videos so much more fun.


Gabriel Zamora

Gabriel, with his wild blue hair, is always fun to watch. His tutorials are super easy to follow and are extremely helpful. If you are looking to just learn how to properly apply your foundation or want to try a fierce new look, Gabriel will definitely help you get there.



Moonia is a drag queen from Croatia who rocks some seriously fierce looks. You can find him on Instagram @theonlymoonia and check out his super creative looks. They are especially good if you are looking for some intense makeup looks for Halloween.

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