These Nail Catastrophes Are Totally Cringeworthy

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Bizarre On 5th March 2018

Getting your nails done used to be super simple. You might have gone and got tips with a french tip or airbrushed design. Nowadays, nail art has truly become an art form. There are tons of nail bloggers out there who show off their skills on sites like Instagram. Most of their work is quite beautiful, but there are some disasters floating around there too.

Broken Nail

For any nail blogger, nothing is worse than breaking a nail. They spend countless days, weeks, and months carefully caring for their nails so that they have a canvas for beautiful artwork only to have their body betray them when a nail breaks. It is even worse when the nail breaks all the way down at the quick because they have to fill all of their nails down and start growing them all over again.

WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!! and always the same nail Ugh!! 😤😤😤

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If you think just breaking a nail like the last photo is bad enough, this one will really make you cringe. There are so many ways that a catastrophe like this could happen. And, no matter how it happens, it is very painful and can take forever for an entire nail to grow back. If this happens to a nail blogger, chances are they will go in hiding for awhile.

Acrylic nails damage

Sure acrylic nails look really good, but have you ever wondered if getting them is bad for you? The answer is yes. This is how your nails look underneath all of that acrylic. Even if you have the salon putting on acrylic to help you grown your own natural nails, this will still be what you are left with underneath. Your nails will be thin, dry, and brittle. Plus, where you have new nail growth that is not filled in, the nail is thicker than the rest because they file them down so much before applying your acrylic. If you want long nails, you have two options. Either you can grow them out on your own and invest in some great cuticle and nail strengthening products, or you can wear acrylic on your nails for the rest of your life.


Expectation vs Reality

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Most nail bloggers will encourage people to recreate their manis as long as they give credit to their inspiration. We give this girl an A for effort, but she definitely needs to practice some more.

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